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Invite a friend

bunq’s better together

Automatically help regreen the world, just by inviting friends and family to discover how bunq makes life easy.


What happens when you invite a friend to bunq?

For every person you invite to bunq, we’ll plant 10 trees for them and 10 trees for you at one of our reforestation projects in Kenya & Madagascar.


More than 8 million trees

Our users have already planted a massive 8 million trees, just by using bunq! What’s more, by partnering with Eden Reforestation, we also contribute to providing stable employment for those living local to the projects.


What makes bunq better together?

Managing money together should be effortlessly easy, so we made...

  • Joint accounts you can open without proving your relationship

  • bunq Activities to automatically split bills while out with friends

  • the bunq Pack: 4 accounts for just €24.99 so together you can bunq more for less


How does it work?

  1. Open the bunq app
  2. Head to the Community tab
  3. Tap on Invite a Friend
  4. Click Invite Friends
  5. Share your link!
Invite a friend