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Localisation Project Manager





This is you

  • you’re wiz with mobile-first product marketing and have a solid understanding of mobile app development processes.
  • you’ve got a knack for communicating complex information in engaging ways.
  • you’ve got extensive International marketing experience with a track record on localisation.
  • you’ve got 1+ years as a lead and 3 to 5  years in total of B2C brand experience in a start-up / scale-up environment.

This is how you'll contribute

  • lead all of bunq’s localisation efforts and accelerate our growth in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
  • manage the localisation of all digital, app and website content and revamp the way we communicate bunq’s benefits.
  • manage a small team of market-specific analysts and create gap analyses and action plans for other teams to execute. 
  • Identify existing product and activation/CRM gaps that would increase the conversion of users after the trial.
  • ensure consistency across all of bunq's products and owned media.

This is us

  • we’re an equal opportunity employer. No-matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, follow in faith, disability status, ethnicity or the gender you identify with (tell us your pronouns), you’re welcome at bunq.
  • changing the world of finance and banking, being part of a dedicated, international team making the bank of The Free what it is: the de facto innovator in Fintech.
  • helping you stay flexible and free by working from either one of our offices, whether it’s our OG bunqr in Amsterdam or our brand new office in Rotterdam. Oh and we’ve got your transport costs covered, even if you bike!
  • a supporter of your learning, growth and fitness with a personal development budget, a wellness program and a fierce discount with OneFit.
  • we’ve got your back, keeping your engine running and staying fuelled is easy with our fabulous in-house chefs cooking delicious lunches and dinners.
  • everyday we have fun, do good and work hard. Feel free to add a gif to your graph.

Think we match?