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Update 18
is here!

Discover all the amazing new features we've launched with bunq Update 18!

Girl traveling with overlay of local ibans

Bank like a local


Easily pay, receive and hold money with IBANs from multiple European countries, all from your bunq app.

Euro icon

Hola España! Fully integrate bunq with your local life in Spain, thanks to Spanish IBANs.

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Make Life Easy

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Get to any feature, setting or payment in no time, simply by starting a search from anywhere in your bunq app.


You never have to manually approve payments to your favorite stores or to your best friends. Simply enable Auto Accept and automatically approve all future payments.


Not sure how to do something in the bunq app? Simply reach out to support and we'll mirror your in-app experience, showing you exactly how to find what you need. As if we were standing next to you.

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Local Currencies Beta

We are adding a new feature that lets you easily use foreign currencies. Receive, convert, hold and spend in multiple foreign currencies without having to leave your bunq app.We will be rolling out this feature as a beta with US Dollars, it will be available to all in a few weeks time.

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And some extra improvements


Your personal information in 1 place.


Easily adjust your Settings, see the Trophies you've earned and explore amazing discounts in bunq Deals.

Top up Notifications

Always know when to top up


Never worry about running out of money. We'll remind you to top up whenever you reach the limit you set.

Spending Insights

Automatically categorize your spending


bunq categorizes all your payments automatically. By knowing where your money goes, you know where to cut back and save without any effort.

Debit reminders

Never miss a direct debit


You can choose to automatically accept a direct debit that's about to expire. Get an automatic reminder a day before your direct debit expires.


All your subscriptions in one clear overview.


The easiest way to organize your subscriptions. Set reminders so you always know when a subscription is about to expire, ahead of time.

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